Tone List publishes scores that concern conceptual & experimental processes, graphic scores & structured improvisation, by its artists and by Perth-based experimental musicians. These scores are free to access with the links provided, but printed-on-demand hard copies can be ordered. Please contact Tone List to place an order or inquire about prices.

Sage J Harlow - sagepbbbt [at] gmail [dot] com


Binary Count (2017). open duration for any number of speaking voices.

Thirteen pages of improvisation (2017). open duration open instrumentation.

Variations Without a Theme (Drone Songs) (2016). open duration for any number of performers.

1. one; two
2. morphing
3. distance
4. inverse
5. three

Spin Cycle (2016). 40' for any number of performers.

Hydra (2016). open duration for any number of performers.

Chakra Song (2016). open duration for any number of performers (including skeptics).

Josten Myburgh - josten_myburgh [at] hotmail [dot] com


...but the trees i know sing breves (2016-2017). 25' for soprano, clarinet in Bb, violoncello, piano & percussion. 

somehow hearing (2017). 25' for at least fifty musicians.

a window in Sicily (2016). 30' for electric guitar & electronics.

pedestals #1-4 (2015-2016). 20' for voice & viola.

blessed, Very blessed (2015). 10' for contrabass, piano, choir & electronics.

Shoshana Rosenberg

shoshierosenberg [at] gmail [dot] com


Atid (2016). 7' for guitar & electronics.

Athena's Reign Begins (2015). open duration for any number of femme performers.