Tone List publishes scores that concern conceptual & experimental processes, graphic scores & structured improvisation, by its artists and by Perth-based experimental musicians.

Most of these scores are free to access with the links provided, and you are welcome to perform them as you please, however as a courtesy we would appreciate you contacting the artist to let them know of the performance, and send a recording if it's possible that one be made. For scores where links are not provided, please contact the artist (in all likelihood, the score is available, but as yet unpublished).

We are happy for you to print scores yourself for performances, but printed-on-demand hard copies can also be ordered for those interested (perhaps for a library or exhibition). Please contact Tone List to place an order or inquire about prices. 

Sage J Harlow (a.k.a. Sage Pbbbt) - sagepbbbt [at] gmail [dot] com


silences (2018). open duration for two or more playersscore

Egregore (2018). open duration for multiple voices. score / notes

song to destroy myself / song to destroy the world (2017). open duration for trans femme voice with drum and rattle. score / recording

The 120 Days of Sodom / Must We Burn Sade? (2017) open duration for narrator and multiple players (any instruments). score

Hair. Metal. (2017) open duration for multiple long-haired metalheads. score

Meme. (2017) event score for solo performer. score / notes

Silence Backstage (2017) open duration for one or more players backstage at a concert. score

Drone piece for sandpaper and drum (2017) open duration (long) for solo performer. score

John 4:33 (2017) open duration for one or more silent readers. (co-written with Djuna Lee & Dan O'Connor) score

Ashes of Burnt Sage (2017). at least 20' for multiple drummers and multiple vocalists. score / notes / recording

as she walks through the fields (2017). open duration for five speaking voices. score

Voiceless Fricatives (2017)open duration for two voices. score

Binary Count (2017). open duration for any number of speaking voices. score

Thirteen pages of improvisation (2017). open duration open instrumentation. score / notes

Chakra Song (2016). collection of pieces. open duration for small to large ensemble (any instrumentation). score

Variations without a theme (drones ongs) (2016). collection of pieces. open duration for small to large ensemble (any instrumentation). score


Josten Myburgh - josten_myburgh [at] hotmail [dot] com


A touch, fraught with ghosts (2018) open duration for laptop orchestra with objects, and tactile transducers or prepared speakers

The waves which have kept me from reaching you (2018) 30' for alto voice, alto saxophone, trumpet in Bb with effects pedals, electric guitar, violin, percussion and electronics.

Willowmavin (2017) 18' for harp & electronics. score / recording (excerpt)

The silver morning shifts her birds from tree to tree (2017). 9' for ensemble & generative electronics. score / recording

...but the trees i know sing breves (2016-2017). 25' for soprano, clarinet in Bb, violoncello, piano & percussion. score / recording (excerpt)

Somehow hearing (2017). 25' for at least fifty musicians.

For Sage Pbbbt (2017). open duration for voice & percussion (thunder sheet)

Only (2017). 37' for glockenspiel & electronics.

A window in Sicily (2016). 29' for electric guitar & electronics. recording

Blessed, Very blessed (2015). 10' for contrabass, piano, choir & electronics. score / recording

Shoshana Rosenberg


Becoming Closer (2018). open duration for any number of performers.

A New Option (2017). open duration for any number of performers. score

Signal Vessel (2017). open duration for trios of performers. score

Make a Decision (2017). open duration for any number of performers. score

Atid (2016). open duration for guitar & electronics.

Athena's Reign Begins (2015). open duration for any number of femme performers. score