This calendar attempts to cover any gigs that relate to exploratory sound and music in Perth. It includes but is not limited to Tone List events. Please submit details of experimental shows to us via info [at] tonelist [dot] com [dot] au. We'd appreciate it if you used this template for your submission. 
See the Friends page for more info on regular series' and festivals in Perth.

October 26, 7:30pm.

NoizeMaschin!! #100
The Perth Artifactory

Lineup TBA
October 29, 7:30pm.

$5 - $15
TL023 and TL024 Launch: TRACE / VENN by OVERLAY
North Perth Lesser Hall

OVERLAY ~ Eduardo Cossio, Lenny Jacobs, Djuna Lee, Dan O'Connor On 'venn', short sharp gestures spin out musical figures that soon revert to abstraction; the nuanced development of timbre alluding to song structures in collage-like, dislocated manner. 'trace' deals with minute details set against a landscape of expansive scope—perception of scale is altered as the music unfolds.

Support from:

Deep Ecology (synths and field recordings)
Lucan Lono (live coding)
November 1-24, 10am-4pm.

Ryan Burge & Jenn Garland: Soundmarks
Storehouse Gallery, Shipwreck Museum

The equivalent of landmarks, soundmarks can define places through demarcation of space and all that exists within it. But because sound is ephemeral, our memory of it rarely endures long past its production. Composer Ryan Burge and visual artist Jenn Garland present a site-responsive soundscape installation that explores how sense of place is refracted through cultural memory and nostalgia.Together they abstract and reimagine soundmarks, objects and artefacts from the Fremantle area which embody the port city and evoke it's past. Located in the Shipwreck Museum's Storehouse Gallery within the historic former Commissariat Building, the installation considers the function and context of the building over time. 'Soundmarks' blends authentic and alternate histories, acknowledging that both sound and memory always remain subjective representations of reality.

Part of the Fremantle Biennale.
November 1-24, 5-7pm.

Lawrence English - Standing Wave
WA Maritime Museum

New sound installation by Lawrence English.

Part of the Fremantle Biennale, co-presented with Tura New Music.
December 14, 2:00pm

Donation entry
Tone List Talks: Hèctor Rey
Cool Change Contemporary

Please join us for an afternoon talk with Bilbao-based composer, visual artist & performer Hèctor Rey. The director of Neuni Recs, Hèctor makes subtle & detail-attentive musics with concertina, violin, no-input mixer, piano & other sounds. On this afternoon he'll share some of his work and the thinking and methods behind it.

Hèctor Rey's SoundCloud
January 5, 7:00pm

Annette Krebs / Jim Denley / Dale Gorinkel
St Paul's Church, Menora

A triple bill of heavy-hitting visiting artists.

Jim Denley is one of the most amazing woodwind improvisers we know.

Annette Krebs presents KONSTRUKTION #4 using her incredible self-built electro-acoustic metallophones.

Dale Gorfinkel always does something unexpected, with an emphasis on the playful, the wonderful & the imaginative.

Annette Krebs' visit to Perth is thanks to the Goethe Institut - Berlin.
February 8, 7:30pm & February 9, 6:30pm

Perth Concert Hall

Created on country in North East Arnhem Land with the Yunupiŋu family, Buŋgul is a ceremonial celebration of one of the transcendent albums of our time. You’re invited to experience the traditional songs, dances and paintings that inspired Gurrumul’s final album, Djarrimirri (Child of the Rainbow), in a live performance by Yolŋu dancers, songmen and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra directed by Senior Yolngu Don Wininba Ganambarr and Nigel Jamieson.
June 2, 11:00am

Price TBA
Dvořák’s Symphony No.8 / New Work by Olivia Davies
Perth Concert Hall

DVORAK: Symphony No.8

Cristian Mȃcelaru: conductor
June 3 & 4, 7:30pm

Price TBA
Gil Shaham Plays Brahms, Dvorak & a World Premiere
Perth Concert Hall

OLIVIA DAVIES New Work (World Premiere)
BRAHMS Violin Concerto
DVORAK Symphony No.8

Cristian Mȃcelaru: conductor
Gil Shaham: violin