TLR01. ...until... - Audible Edge Remixes #1

Atripat remixing 'a window in Sicily' by Josten Myburgh. and Kynan Tan remixing 'Traced Over' by James Bradbury. 

Digital download, released January 18, 2016.

Kynan Tan is a Sydney-based artist interested in networks, relationality and digital systems of control, exploring these areas through artworks that are themselves multi-sensory structures.

Atripat is Perth-based experimental producer Michael Hewson-Bower. Inspired by minimalism and ambient music, his cascading melodies are charged with a captivating and emotive sense of energy.

TLR02. A Gold Ring in a Pig's Snout - Audible Edge Remixes #2

Featuring remixes curated by Ari Sharp of (no)signal, with work by Makeda, Papaphilia and InfraGhosts.

Digital download, released January 23, 2016.

InfraGhosts is the audiovisual project of Melbourne trans new media artist Laura Davis. 

Makeda is interested in health, bass and creating utopic realities.

Papaphilia is Melbourne-based experimental musician Fjorn Butler.

All releases mastered (a little bit) by Josten Myburgh.