TL021. Shoshana Rosenberg - I Was Empty

"I remember laughing hysterically. I remember telling her I’m sick. I remember connecting with characters who had a piece missing too. I remember breathing heavy at a show in an abandoned psych ward, while remembering breathing heavy in another psych ward. I played a prayer over the speakers, though it was only intended for me. I felt my body hurt as I realised how it’s always felt. I pushed beyond the sickness, and turned illness into a weapon. I was empty. No longer. Beautifully incomplete." 

releases July 11, 2019. Edition of 50 fine art print postcards with digital download codes.

Shoshana Rosenberg - Clarinets, Piano 

Artwork by Padma Hamilton 
Recorded July 2017 on Kaurna land (Adelaide, South Australia) 
Mixed on Whadjuk Nyoongar Boodjar (Perth, Western Australia) by Dan O’Connor