TL015. Sage Pbbbt & Dan O'Connor - lines to

'lines to’ presents eleven journeys through the shared improvisational language of Dan O'Connor & Sage Pbbbt. Linked by a shared interest in exploring the textural varieties offered by their respective instruments—trumpet and voice—the two otherwise bring radically divergent orientations and backgrounds to this process. Influences from Mongolian & Tuvan timbral listening, industrial and noise music, sound poetry and American free jazz assemble here, out of the milieu of the Perth scene of within which these two musicians are prominent actors. The resultant sonic texture recalls at times the rhythms of a breath-focused meditation practice, at others the sustained oddness of some brands of stand-up comedy, and, in its deepest moments, the seemingly limitless textural depth of the spectralist composers or sonic force of the most ecstatic noise. What remains indescribable through extant sonic categories is the friendship, the two-ness, embodied in this music. Recorded on the eve of Pbbbt’s moving to Melbourne, it celebrates an enduring friendship as much as it embodies the new and sometimes uncomfortable possibilities of feeling inherent in the moment of a farewell. Each track punctuates itself with the chime of a bell, banishing the ritual space to return to a somehow changed world, but the last track remains open, suggesting a future wherein the consequences of this encounter manifest again.

Limited edition of 100 CDs in 4-panel gatefold wallets, with individually hand drawn artwork by Dan O'Connor & Sage Pbbbt. Released September 9, 2018.

Sage Pbbbt is a Melbourne-based vocalist. Dan O'Connor is a Perth-based trumpet player.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dan O'Connor
Artwork by Sage Pbbbt & Dan O'Connor
Liner notes by Josten Myburgh

'lines to' was recorded on Whadjuk Nyoongar land.