TL013. Lee / Cossio / O'Connor - Lakes

Lakes is the first release by mainstays of the local exploratory scene Djuna Lee, Eduardo Cossio and Dan O’Connor. Over the past two years, the trio has forged a rugged style consisting of hypnotic moods and detailed instrumental textures. The album, which was produced entirely by the musicians, consists of three studio improvisations retrospectively interspersed with nocturnal field recordings of Herdsman Lake—establishing correspondences with the local environment through the ritual-like charge of the music, as well as embracing an undercurrent in the Perth exploratory music community that situates music-making in relation to its surroundings.

Limited edition of 15 art prints, with digital download. Released June 29, 2018.

Lee/Cossio/O'Connor is a Perth-based group consisting of Djuna Lee (double bass), Eduardo Cossio (electric guitar) & Dan O'Connor (trumpet).

Recorded 30/11/2017 by Eduardo Cossio and Ben Fillingham
Mixed by Eduardo Cossio and Dan O'Connor
Mastered by Eduardo Cossio and Dan O'Connor
Artwork and layout by Djuna Lee