TL007. Tilde~ - Æsthēsis

Composed with Max/MSP and Garrahand percussion instruments, Æsthēsis is a foray into glitch-and-noise-based electro-acoustic ambience. Tilde~'s compositional approach forgoes lush, synth-heavy soundscapes and opts instead for close-up electronic crackles and distant metallic arpeggios. Contemplative melodies peeking through the white noise.

Limited ed. 80 CD-Rs, released May 13, 2017.

Recorded and mixed at Pill Box studios by Rhys Channing.
Mastered by Matt McLean at The Soundfield Studio.
Artwork and sleeve design by Calum Carty.

Tilde~ is Mandurah-based composer Rhys Channing.


Æsthēsis was the Local Feature Album, week starting 1st May 2017.

 "If you jumped into a wormhole, somehow I imagine it would feel much like how Æsthēsis sounds." Derek Kortepeter @ Mixolydianblog