TL003. Mondo Flockard

Mondo Flockard's second solo release continues down a path of verbed-out jazz, metallic ambience and grinding electro-acoustics, in tighter and more compact forms than her previous venture on Terranean Recordings

You're not sure where you are, sounds feel close-up and far-away all at once, with only the memory of bells and chimes keeping you in familiar territory. A driving rhythm sets in and marches you into uncharted parts of the land - bells ring and snares crack right in your ears as a guitar string rings through a misty valley and a wave of rich resonance slowly washes over. At last when things seem to slow down, the drums are everywhere and nowhere, a solo from behind a veil, whilst a spacious melody is a much needed reminder of home.

Limited edition of 100 CD-Rs in a 4-panel gatefold card sleeve, released December 15, 2016.

Mondo Flockard is Melbourne-based drummer Maria Moles.


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