TL002. orphans - the consequence of following

Weaved together from a day of improvised takes, 'the consequence of following' exhibits the trio's first foray into the studio. Much like the live approach of the group, each take started with a singular concept, followed through to its conclusion. The more potent sections were then edited together as abstract scenes in a multi-part narrative of self-examination and change. Across the seven tracks, orphans move seamlessly from sparse, atonal soundscapes to lucid, melodic threads. The patient development throughout, often at odds with the frenetic content of the individual threads, creates moments of contemplation, urgency and resolve. Although presented as individual tracks, 'the consequence of following' is best experienced in one sitting.

Limited edition of 250 CD-Rs in a 4-panel gatefold card sleeve, released August 25, 2016.

orphans is Dan O'Connor (trumpet), Dom Barrett (guitar) & Behn Greene (drums, objects).


"I did enjoy the consequence of following - a lot - which I think is a testament to the album's unique's not overly cerebral or alien music. It meets you on an intuitive and sensual level, which makes sense when you consider it's comprised of excerpts from a day of group improvisations." Lyndon Blue @ CoolPerthNights

"There's something particularly likable [sic] about this trio's off-the-cuff, casual sound, the way form and structure appear to be ancillary concepts to the more pragmatic focus of creating a riveting melodic fragment and letting it shine for just a brief moment." Dave Sumner @ BandCamp Daily

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'the consequence of following' was the Local Feature Album, week starting 5th September 2016.