TL001. Dan O'Connor - IN/EX

On his solo debut IN/EX, Dan O'Connor uses the trumpet to render individual breaths as detailed micro-compositions, drawing out the unfamiliar in his playing by improvising at the limit of his physicality. O'Connor approaches the concept in a myriad of ways: from clear-cut single gestures to expressive and maximal free improvisations. Between each burst of sound, an 'empty' space: room for the sounds to resonate in memory, or for the imagination of worlds within one's own breath.

Limited ed. 100 CD-Rs in a 6-panel gatefold card sleeve, released June 14, 2016.

Dan O'Connor (b. 1989) is a trumpet player, improviser & composer from Perth, Western Australia.


"Sometimes one thinks that it is hardly possible to do all of that with a single breath but I guess hearing is believing...Short but excellent." Frans de Waard @ Vital Weekly

"...a simple and chaotic little release." ATTN: Magazine

"Here, seventeen unique and unrepeatable moments, crystal clear and bone-bare for your indefinite perusal." Lyndon Blue @ Cool Perth Nights

" impressive body of work, especially when considering that the total runtime of the album does not exceed the 13 minutes mark" baze.djunkiii @

"Dan O'Connor obviously has found inspiration in people with problems blowing up balloons...pretty out of this world trumpet-wise!" KN @ YIKIS

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