TL019. Shoshana Rosenberg - Overlapping Magisteria

This record is about bodies: our bodies, my body, no body. It is a meditation, a set of lamentations, a goodbye letter to parts of me I had to abandon with haste. These sounds are attempts to co-situate our paths, with their statelessness, traditions, liberations, and collective inheritance of pain, disconnection, erasure. This record is about having to swallow those feelings whole, only to later wound ourselves to cut them out. It is about what we place into those wounds to heal.

Shoshana Rosenberg is a queer, Jewish, eternal novice. Through experiments with the bass clarinet in meditation, chanting and traditional Klezmer music, she seeks to explore harmony and space. In her cultivation of transparent relationships with audiences, Shoshana allows witness to her increasingly complex dialogue between player and instrument, with all its failures and successes.

Released in a limited edition of 50 clear cassettes with metallic green strip. Artwork by Shelley Horan.

Interview with Annika Moses on Difficult Listening ( 92.1).

Reflections by Shoshana Rosenberg on the new release.

Review at The New Noise by Davide Ingrosso (in Italian)

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