TL017. Original Past Life - Inference/Interference

Original Past Life (OPL) have been developing their improvisational skills for some time, both live and in the studio, focusing on the ability to fuse disparate elements such as noise, drone, glitch and rhythm into a form that is free whilst focused. The band has sought to harness a sound which hones in on specific musical ideas with precision whilst throwing up enough surprises to create and sustain intrigue. The recording session that produced Inference/Interference began as an exercise in improvisation, both semi-structured and completely free. OPL then continued sculpting and shaping the resulting material once out of the studio—adding layers, cutting and pasting, and at times completely remixing tracks from the original sessions. 

The resulting album is a disparate but focussed collection of pieces that fuse loose, improvised moments with all manner of analog and digital interjection. Encompassing everything from sinewy shoegaze and harsh percussive noise to languid drone and clipped electronics. Whilst signalling the varied song forms of their 2016 debut, The Times of Ceylon, Inference/Interference is an evolutionary step towards something more unpredictable and idiosyncratic.

Michael Caratti (percussion & electronics) 
Warwick Hall (guitar, synth, & electronics) 
Adam Trainer (bass, synth, & electronics) 

Recorded and engineered July 2017 by Ron Pollard at Studio Sleepwalkers Dread. 
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Sardi at Sugarland Studios. 

Cover image based on a photograph by Anunturi Gratuite. 

Inference/Interference was recorded on Whadjuk Nyoongar land.

“This is an exceedingly likeable album.” Badd Press

“A strong collaborative effort.” Chain DLK

“When they find sweet balance in the dusty abstraction that is Wire Fatigue the listener will feel trapped between an old school Western and an agitated shoegazer.” Tone Shift

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