TL018. The Moon Project - Morphologies

Explorations of music and art connectivity through the lens of female identifying improvisers. 

Musical works created from visual art as graphic score. 

Visual art created by way of audio stimulus. 

Music and art simultaneously developed through live visual and audio creation. 

The artist responds to the sound and gesture from musicians, musicians respond in turn to the visual creation and auditory textures of the artist and each other, creating a spiral of input and output.

Kirsten Smith — flute 
Catherine Ashley — harp 
Emmanuelle Zagoria — voice 
Annika Moses — electronics 
Natalia Fidyka — art 

Recorded January 2018 at Soundfield Studios, WA 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stuart James. 

Released through Tone List's commissioning program for women in experimental music, fully supported by Tura New Music. 

Graphic design by Stefan Szo. 
Footage by Baron Tragedi.

“I’ve been expecting this one for quite some time, and I’m glad to say that it fucking slays! This Australian avant-garde quintet uses visual scores as guidance for creating experimental, emotional, and improvised music.” January 2019 Recommendations (Can This Even Be Called Music?)

Interview with Annika Moses on Difficult Listening ( 92.1)