This calendar attempts to cover any gigs that relate to exploratory sound and music in Perth. It includes but is not limited to Tone List events. Please submit details of experimental shows to us via info [at] tonelist [dot] com [dot] au. We'd appreciate it if you used this template for your submission. 
See the Friends page for more info on regular series' and festivals in Perth.

October 14, 7:00pm.

Saga Bookshop

Catherine Ashley, Kirsten Smith and Natalia Fidyka, supported by Michael Terren.
October 15, 7:30pm.

Outcome Unknown #20
Cool Change Contemporary

Gracie Smith
Luka Buchanan
Cameron Charles
Beast Daughter
Eduardo Cossio & Lenny Jacobs
October 16, 7:30pm.

$5 - $15
Unhallowed Arts: Sage Pbbbt & Dan O'Connor 'lines to' Launch (TL015)
Cool Change Contemporary

Sage Pbbbt & Dan O'Connor
Filth Goddess
The Happy Girls

Presented by Tone List with the support of SymbioticA
October 18, 7:00pm.

Unhallowed Arts: In Strange Solidarity with the Unknown
Artsource: Old Custom's House

Sage Pbbbt's performances queer the practice of invocation by exploring the possibility of solidarity with, and loving-kindness towards, entities known and unknown. Vocalising in response to the experience of possession, they are visceral and confronting as often as they are strangely beautiful and welcoming. Her singing practice takes inspiration from Tuvan and Mongolian overtone singing, Inuit throat singing, sound poetry and an ongoing exploration of extra-normal vocal technique. She also takes influence from industrial musick, trance, and drone; insight meditation practice, urban/industrial shamanism and chaos magick; feminist, queer and trans praxis; and Discordianism.

Presented by Tone List with the support of Symbiotica and Moana
October 20, 12:00pm-5:00pm.

StickMan / miniStickMan
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

StickMan / miniStickMan is an interactive installation that algorithmically actuates a minimal but full-body exoskeleton. Gallery visitors can insert their own looping choreography by moving the limbs of the miniStickMan physical interface and pressing the play button.
October 21, 4:00pm.

Inland 18.9: A Coincidence, A Connection Outside, A Connection Inside
The Sewing Room

Alexander Garsden, Erkki Veltheim & Rohan Drape
Aviva Endean
Breaking Waves

Presented by Tura New Music
October 23, 6:45pm.

Asuna 100 Keyboards [JPN]
Art Gallery of Western Australia

In 100 Keyboards, Asuna assembles a machine-orchestra comprised of one hundred humble toy keyboards, coercing them to harmonise, cross-talk and beat in conversation with the performance space’s acoustics. No two performances can be the same.

Presented by The SUBSTATION, Performance Space, Asialink, hellosQuare & SymbioticA (in association with Tura New Music).
October 26, 7:30pm.

Rathe: Liminality
Hellenic Club of WA

Michael Terren
Filth Goddess
Messi Highlights
Lucan Lono
October 30, 7:30pm.

NoizeMaschin!! Halloween Edition
The Artifactory

🦇 Dimity
💀 HelvaTion
🦇 Deep Ecology
👻 Trash Hearts
🦇 -jon
💀 Tactile AF
October 31, 7:30pm.

Disruptive Critters: Alive (Activation)
PS Arts Space

This sonically abstract and texturally rich project features a massive projection and a multi-touch table-top console by The Duckworth Hullick Duo. Real-time computer-generated virtual avatars (or critters) will roam the virtual performance space, responding to sound and movement. The critters, each with their own sound world, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with performers and each other.
Open studio on October 30 and 31 between 10am-4pm.

Presented by Tura New Music
November 3, 1:30pm.

WAMFest Live Saturday: Wesley Church
Wesley Church

The Joyful Noise Gospel Choir Inc.
Providence Gospel Choir
Gospel Extravaganza
Catherine Ashley & Kirsten Smith (Moon Duo)
November 3, 7:30pm.

Outcome Unknown at WAMFest Live
Paper Mountain

Jeremy von Kobra
Filth Goddess
Gracie Smith
Josten Myburgh
Kirsten Symczycz / Eduardo Cossio / Michael Caratti
November 14, 7:30pm.

Ex Machina: GreyWing
Old Customs House, Fremantle

Russolo’s The Art of Noises (1913) proclaimed “we get infinitely more pleasure imagining combinations of the sounds of trolleys, autos and other vehicles, and loud crowds, than listening once more, for instance, to the heroic or pastoral symphonies”. Ex Machina explores music made from, and inspired by, machines and the mechanical. Works include pioneer in the field Robert Erickson, contemporary Europeans, James Saunders, Peter Ablinger, Joanna Bailie and new works by Camilla Hannan, Lindsay Vickery and Dane Yates. Ex Machina deals with juxtapositions and parallels between the musically organic and assertive electronic gestures; creating something with an importance on focus dealing with ethereal yet organic sound.

Presented by Tura New Music
November 21, 7:00pm.

Donation (suggested $10)

The Moon Project w/ Caitlin Cassidy / Djuna Lee & Josten Myburgh
St Paul's Church, Menora

The Moon Project are a collective centring around Catherine Ashley (harp) & Kirsten Smith (flute), joined in this iteration by Caitlin Cassidy (voice), realising graphic scores derived from the works of their visual collaborator Natalia Fidyka.

Djuna Lee (double bass) and Josten Myburgh (surface transducers, drums) explore quietude, stillness and drone.

Two extended sets in the pin-drop acoustic of St Paul's Church, Mt Lawley.

Presented by Tone List
November 27, 7:00pm.


Sounding Together Concert/Experiment
ArtSource Old Custom's House (Fremantle)

In the wake of a weekend away as part of the Sounding Together residency, our mentor, leading Australian sound artist Jim Denley, and the whole residency team present some things that revealed themselves throughout their time together. It might be a concert, it might be storytelling, it might be a listening session, it might be one huge set, it might be loads of tiny ones, it might be something else entirely...anticipate a welcoming atmosphere, an extraordinary acoustic and new friends and see what happens from there.

Nick Ashwood [TAS]
Leah Blankendaal [SA]
Eduardo Cossio
Jim Denley [NSW]
Jameson Feakes
Be Gosper
Lenny Jacobs
Josten Myburgh
Dan O'Connor
Stuart Orchard

Presented by Tone List