This calendar attempts to cover any gigs that relate to exploratory sound and music in Perth. It includes but is not limited to Tone List events. Please submit details of experimental shows to us via info [at] tonelist [dot] com [dot] au. We'd appreciate it if you used this template for your submission. 
See the Friends page for more info on regular series' and festivals in Perth.

September 10, 7:00pm.

Beyond the Bounds: 30 Years of Difficult Listening
The Sewing Room

Meg Travers (trautonium)
Lenny Jacobs (drums)
Annika Moses (voice)
Lindsay Vickery (clarinet)
Michael Caratti (drums)
Eduardo Cossio (guitar)
Jameson Feakes (guitar)
Stuart James (laptop)
Nathan Thompson (synths)
Jonathan Mustard (saxophone)
Djuna Lee (double bass)
Michael Terren (DJ sets)
September 12, 7:30pm.

Donation (suggested $15)
Rookwood #6: Nate Wood & Eljo Agenbach / Knots
St Paul's Church, Menora

Monthly series by Tone List in the rich acoustic of St Paul's, featuring extended sets of improvised and experimental music.

This month's concert features sets by outsider-free jazz trio Knots (Eduardo Cossio, Djuna Lee & Michael Caratti) and the duo of emerging new music proponents Jet Kye Chong (percussion) and Eljo Agenbach (clarinets).

Please note the space is accessible for people with disabilities, but does not have an accessible bathroom. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding access.
September 14, 2:00pm.

AA Matheson 'What's in a Name' Single Launch
The Bird

AA Matheson
Lana Rothnie Quartet
Jonathan Mustard
Daisies Net
September 19, 7:00pm.

Outcome Unknown #43
North Perth Lesser Hall

GreyWing Ensemble
Be Gosper
Jeremy Segal
Kristen Symczycz / Eduardo Cossio / Lenny Jacobs
Steward Sheppard
19th-21 September, 7:30pm.

Defying Gravity performs Steve Reich's "Drumming"
WAAPA Music Auditorium (Richard Gill Auditorium)

Reich's seminal percussion work performed by WAAPA's percussion ensemble under the direction of Fiona Digney, Tim White and Aaron Logan.
September 24, 7:30pm.

NoizeMaschin!! #99
The Perth Artifactory

The Sonic Manipulator
Ethan Crawford
Gabbi Fusco
Time of the Signs
Minouck Duin
September 25, 8:00pm.

Daisies Net Single Launch
Mojos Bar, Fremantle

Daisies Net is joining the Healthy Tapes family to release ~On The Apple Island ~ an ambient~dreamie 6 track E.P. self-recorded in Tasmania last year. This cosy Wednesday night at Mojos Bar Fremantle is to celebrate the single entitled Sounds Rivulet!

Also featuring:
Nika Mo
September 29, 7:30pm.

Tone List in Melbourne: Night #1

Ali Fyffe
Oz Kesik & Henry Mills
Andy Butler, with Joe O'Connor & James O'Donnell
September 30, 7:30pm.

Tone List in Melbourne: Night #2

Simon Charles & Lily Tait
Jenny Barnes
October 1, 8:30pm.

Tone List in Melbourne: Night #3 / MIUC Guest Curation
Bar Open

Sean Baxter, Shoshana Rosenberg, Edwin Jones & Sage Pbbbt
Lyndon Blue & Maria Moles
Adam Gottlieb & Phoebe Green
October 26, 7:30pm.

NoizeMaschin!! #100
The Perth Artifactory

Lineup TBA
February 8, 7:30pm & February 9, 6:30pm

Perth Concert Hall

Created on country in North East Arnhem Land with the Yunupiŋu family, Buŋgul is a ceremonial celebration of one of the transcendent albums of our time. You’re invited to experience the traditional songs, dances and paintings that inspired Gurrumul’s final album, Djarrimirri (Child of the Rainbow), in a live performance by Yolŋu dancers, songmen and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra directed by Senior Yolngu Don Wininba Ganambarr and Nigel Jamieson.
June 2, 11:00am

Price TBA
Dvořák’s Symphony No.8 / New Work by Olivia Davies
Perth Concert Hall

DVORAK: Symphony No.8

Cristian Mȃcelaru: conductor
June 3 & 4, 7:30pm

Price TBA
Gil Shaham Plays Brahms, Dvorak & a World Premiere
Perth Concert Hall

OLIVIA DAVIES New Work (World Premiere)
BRAHMS Violin Concerto
DVORAK Symphony No.8

Cristian Mȃcelaru: conductor
Gil Shaham: violin